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Who will you be in five years?

Think about the last five years. If you're anything like me, they probably flew by.

So many people overestimate where they can be in five days, and underestimate where they can be in five years.

Now I know everyone has a different version of what success means to them, and we are supposed to recognize that so as to not damage anyone’s feelings. So we dumb it down, and we start to feed into this minimalist societal standard. Over time, we start to tell ourselves “well it’s okay I’m not pursuing these dreams or living this way because, well, look at so and so’s life. They’re far worse off than we are!”

But the truth is there ARE people out there who are doing more, contributing more, helping more, creating more, giving more and

BEING more.

One’s own version of success is surely important, but what is the standard we are holding ourselves to? The bar is set so low these days, that many people go through life regretting the things they did not do. The dreams they didn’t chase, the people they didn’t love, the life they wanted to live... and didn’t.

What if the key really was to just “get started”? And then to make daily life choices that are in support of our vision. If we say in five years we want to be closer to achieving something worthwhile, then what are we doing on a daily basis to actually pursue and attain that vision?

The power lies in our daily habits; Our routine, our discipline and how far we are willing to stretch ourselves.

It really can be that simple. Go ahead and try it. Do one thing every single day for the next five years and then witness the transformation happen. Want six-pack abs? Do 100 sit ups every day for five years. Want to be more knowledgeable? Read for 15 minutes a day. Want to be healthier? Go for a bike ride or run every day. And then see what happens in five years.

I mean... five years from now you will be five years older anyway, right? Your five years might as well start today!

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